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ID: 1505980598 Query Sequence

Length: 206 (197)
Sequences: 115 (83.5)
Seq/Len: 0.584
Nf(neff/√len): 5.9

HHblits Results: (2016_02)
Sequences per length for each position, AFTER the coverage/gap filter was applied
Legend: If visible, the positions blocked in grey are regions that have > 75% gaps and were automatically trimmed and excluded in the GREMLIN analysis.

Trim query Generate MSA using: Filter MSA GREMLIN
Start: End: E-value: Iterations: Coverage: Remove gaps: Prior:

GREMLIN Results:
  • No predictions exist for 1505980598
  • Not enough sequences to perform GREMLIN analysis on (0.584 < 1).
  • We would recommend increasing the e-value to 1E-4 and/or the number of iterations.

Sequence Conservation (Image Generated using WebLogo v3)
Legend: Color is used to show Hydrophobicity (Blue: Hydrophilic, Green: Neutral and Black: Hydrophobic). Amount of gaps is represented by width.

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